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MICROSOFT OFFICE is a collection of office related applications .Each applications serves a unique purpose and offers a specific service to its users. Microsoft office is the leading suite of office automation applications, and includes Outlook for accessing email, Word for writing text documents, Excel for creating spreadsheet that can include calculation and programming, and PowerPoint for preparing presentation
Microsoft has launched a lot of products which was very been beneficial for all the users but Microsoft Office was a pioneer breakthrough and after that Microsoft also got recognition from the users. If you will check the past records you will saw that Microsoft is constantly updating their Microsoft Office programs with new features every time and the latest office set up available is Microsoft office 2019. You can download this Microsoft Office latest version from the website and the latest version has eight variants-Microsoft office ultimate, Microsoft office enterprise, Microsoft Office professional, Microsoft Office professional plus, business, small business, office 365 home and student

Introducing new Version of Microsoft 365.Com/setup

On April 2019 Microsoft office 360 2019 program became Microsoft office 365, a complete new service that will have add-ons more features to the office software’s. This program can be easily downloaded from the website up. This program will include all the Microsoft office applications like Word, Excel, access, Skype, Drive etc. But it also added some new applications and the services what Microsoft was not serving earlier so if you will read the complete article you will find out what are the new services what Microsoft office is providing nowadays. Microsoft office 365 and offer new artificial intelligence(AI), simple user interface, which content and variety of customised templates and cloud backup experiences. Microsoft also announced the new tools in Microsoft Word which will be your editor tool which will be very helpful for the AI editor. Hysterical tool of Microsoft office 365 gives a new turn of Microsoft word with Ram suggestions and correct mistakes and even Microsoft says that it will offer gender neutral alternatives to press the words but it’s already written in that sentence. The services of  Telugu some smaller features and changes in the service coming to the PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Skype, Microsoft cloud backup etc.


New features and services of Microsoft office 365

Microsoft editor get a major expansion in the world.
AI powered feature is more stronger now in PowerPoint presenter.
All calculators and managing software’s are included in the excel to manage your finances with the money or with the records of your office data.
Simple and customised templates in your Microsoft account of Outlook which will organise your time across your work and life.
Online access to a lot of popular apps which were like Adobe, head scape and teams now and Microsoft teams.

How much is a Microsoft office subscription?

Microsoft has launched is the latest addition of its widely spreaded applications which is available at up. In every three years Microsoft launched a new variant with the upgraded user interference and the latest functions and new capabilities what users need,And significant features to update many computers or other devices which is according to clients need. Microsoft really made a very great debuted but this superbly tried and true formula. Microsoft provides the subscription of these office programmes             https // monthly basis and the yearly basis with a superb deal which encouraged Microsoft users to proceed to the pricing model. Let’s just take a look at the pricing and see our self which is the best way to purchase and which program is beneficial for you. Microsoft office home cost $99.99 per year and $9.99 per month, home student 2020 cost $149.99 per year and $14.99 per month, office professional 2020 is $439.99 and office 365 personal is 69.99 annually and $6.99 per month.

Do you want to buy Microsoft office with out a subscription?

And this subscription period of office at up, you are making a payment of $60 more if you go for the monthly subscription. The only only advantage of this moving subscription-based model is that it permits you to install Microsoft Office https // on more than one device simultaneously But if I will prefer that than personally I guess this is not the worth the extra price.

What are the ways to get MS office 365 ?

Are you planning to have Microsoft office 365 suite with all the features to make the Presentation, preparing documents on Microsoft Word, is the calculation in the excel sheet, free chat with sky without saying a single amount of money? If yes then here we will discuss take steps to get Microsoft office 365 suite for free. The methods What we are discussing Adalaj to make methods to use Microsoft office programs without spending money on it. You can follow any one of the methods to get for free as per your convenience and needs.

Free use of online MS office applications.

Open any of your browser in your device like Google Chrome, Version of Firefox, Microsoft edge or Safari browser etc and Open official Microsoft link . These applications are available online but have limited features of the software but you can use. Your files generated with me applications are completely office compatible so in future if you will download download it will effectively work in your text up fast is now are you can easily get them for free.

Download educational version of office 365

Microsoft is providing this applications to the educational institutes with free of cost and to get this only you need to have an email address with.EDU extension and either you are a student or a teacher or any instructor you’ll get it for free. You can easily download and get this office set up from Website up
But remember this point that your institution has apologised license of MS office applications and then only you will get this from with free. Try this Method and update us Best of Luck.

Get Microsoft office with your new device

Sometimes when you bought a new device you do get a Microsoft office applications setup with free of cost. But that completely depends on the retailers from which you have purchase the device. Because most of the retailers already purchase the license from up and then they provide this free for you and sometimes they don’t get it and sell it to you.

Mobile apps

You have a smartphone or tablet you can easily get the mobile version of Microsoft Office programs without any charge However the features limitations but it is an excellent applications to work with at free of cost. Remember this that if the device is screen is larger than 10.1 inches you cannot download MS office applications for free you have to have a license to use this.
Various email ID is to buy trial version again and again
This is the violation of the rules to use different email ID and credit cards to use office applications again and again and I would not personally advice to do so but many people are doing this nowadays..
But you can downloaded the free trial of Office 365 program from up the website which will add it 33 trial and you can also share it with 25 other members. If you have any other ways to get MS office 365 for your device with free of cost then please share with us so we can share the same things to our users and we will put your name on our website. If you need help regarding any of the issues you can contact us any time.

How to update office with Microsoft updates?

Microsoft releases updates for the security and quality upgrades for click to run set up of Office 2020 via up which is absolutely an exclusively process. These updates are available every month and be more precise generally on the second Tuesday of the month.
Download latest updates from up
Go to up for office set up
Sign in at the website or create a new account if you don’t have it
Find your office activation key or product key
Enter license key 
Select your country and language
Download office Set up and follow on-screen instructions which will be mentioned on the screen
After following all the instructions finish the installation process and run application

How to install office set up on windows

1. Go to up for office set up
Open any of your browser and visit a website which is up and select the office product what you want to install.
2. Sign in your Microsoft account
Sign into your account of Microsoft by visiting our website up to complete the purchase and the set up process. However if you don’t have a Microsoft account then you can create a new account at the same link.
3. Find your office product key
After creating account you need to locate your office product key in your email which is associated with your Microsoft office account or if you have bought a CD or retail card then locate at on the box and you will get the product key on the box.
4. Enter Microsoft Office license key
Once you are logged in into the Microsoft account it will ask you to put Microsoft office license key in the orange area. After entering the license key select your Country and language you want according to the interface you’re looking for.
5. Download office 2020
After putting the information there will be a tab highlighted on the screen which will say download Microsoft office. All you have to do is to make a right click on that tab and it will start downloading your Microsoft office program.
6. Install Microsoft office program
After downloading Microsoft office the most important part is you have to install this program otherwise this program will not work. Locate the downloaded folder of Microsoft office by pressing control plus J button and you will landed on the download it folder and there you can find Microsoft Office program and make a double click on it and start installing it once you will click on start and installing it will give you on-screen directions and start installing your registered copy of Microsoft Office in your registery files.
7. Run the activation wizard
Once the installation process of office Twenty20 starts it will give you a lot of pop-up on your screen and make sure every time you are choosing the positive options like accept or okay. Now wait till the time the office setup goes through the installation process.
8. Open and run office application
The moment installation process will get complete open your application and you will get a welcome screen with the message you are all set and that time your office is activated fully and properly.

How to install office set up on Macintosh devices

Login to your Microsoft account and you will be landed to the downloaded page. In case if you’re not landed to that page you can go to the settings of the Microsoft account and pick the software is what you want to install.
Now click that software is and select a button to start download and the installer package of that particular program what you want to have it.
Now go to the downloads, you will find the installer package under the name of Office program which is installer . DMG or some variant of that now name, Make a double click on it to launch the set up. If you are unable to open the office set up you can visit the office support forum to get help.
If the process of office 2020 download is complete a new screen it will appear well coming screen then select continue to run the office installation process and sign in with your office subscriptions to enter your product key.
Select the methods in which you wish to install the office set up program and select continue to go ahead.

Step to activate Microsoft office setup Professional

Once the Microsoft Office set up download process is complete Then you need to activate it to one that program so you can use that program. To activate Microsoft office set up you need to just run the fans of office set up which was downloaded earlier in the moment you will click on activate it will start giving you a lot of on-screen pop-ups and make sure you are choosing all the positive options life Accept, okay or yes. After following all the instructions your office will be activated successfully. The system will also check if the entire really details are correct to install the product or not. If all the details were correct the application will install in activated successfully. 


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As far as server applications are concerned, MS Office suite harmonizes Microsoft Search and Lync servers and it wraps together ace reports and database applications and affiliations. The most recent Office outline is Office 2016 with Office 365 (a cloud-based suite) being discharged in 2013. Some other Microsoft profitability suites are Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2007, and Office 2003